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10 Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

If you’re in the market to sell your home, you want the best price you can get. The old saying, "First impressions are everything," especially hold true for home buyers. People often fall in love with a place the first time they see it. Judging from the first impression, a neglected lawn may lead buyers to believe the home looks just as bad. Curb appeal adds character and style to your home and gives potential buyers a feel for the home overall. Not only that, but it can increase your home's value by as much as 15 percent.

Even if you aren’t interested in selling your home right away, you should still maintain your lawn and make your landscape attractive. Before doing anything to your landscape, make a plan. A well-designed, mature landscape will be more attractive than a newly planted one. Your landscape should make up approximately 10 percent of your home’s value, and that includes both soft-scaping (planting flowers) and hardscaping (rock borders, etc.).

1. Add color and texture

Planting beds is relatively inexpensive, and it’s a good way to create design interest and to add texture and color to your landscape. Well-designed landscapes define your space and keeps your yard from looking sparse. It makes your house look and fee more like home. If you can’t do the landscaping yourself or don’t want to, consider hiring a professional to do the layout and installation of the beds, and then you can do the planting yourself. Choose bright, vibrant colors and spread them throughout your landscape. Mixing annuals and perennials will make your garden beautiful and will attract more attention to it.

2. Make sure your landscape matches the style of your home

Your landscape should look as if your home extends into the yard, so make sure the outside matches your design. Obviously, if you live in a cabin by the lake, an elaborate landscape would look out of place, and if you live in a fancier location, a simple garden with a rustic landscape would look equally awkward. Take that into consideration when planning your design. Incorporating the right elements into your garden will give it a sense of harmony with your home.

3. Achieve Seasonal Balance

Choose your plants based on their blooming patterns and colors. Choose a variety of shrubs and flowers to make your landscape attractive all year long. Make sure something is blooming each season. If old plants look shabby, replace them with new plants, or put a container in their place. Nothing drags down the look of a nice landscape like a half-dead plant or a plant that doesn’t belong in your design.

4. Plant trees

Aside from adding value to your property, trees make your house feel more like a home. To pick out what type of tree is best for your lawn, think about what purpose you want it to serve. If you want summer shade, deciduous trees are best. They shed leaves during the winter, but they’ll let sunlight into your yard. You can decide if raking leaves is worth it or whether you have time to do it. Trees also remove carbon dioxide and pollution from the air, so not only do they improve the appearance of your home and lawn, they can slash your energy bill by roughly $250 per year.

5. Add walkways and new patio furniture

People love outdoor living, even in the winter. Many people work inside an office all day and enjoy relaxing on the patio, by a fire pit or on their deck when they come home. A new walkway or an outdoor living space will definitely make potential buyers take notice.

6. Avoid straight lines and angles

Sophisticated plantings and curved bed lines will draw more attention from potential buyers, and more than likely, they will help your home bring a higher price. Additionally, landscapes with large deciduous, evergreen, and annual color plants sell better, too. Create pathways that are inviting and blend into nature. Straight lines feel too formal and are not garden-friendly.

7. Maintain Your Lawn

A healthy, well-maintained lawn makes your property more appealing. When your yard is edged neatly, it gives it an easy-to-maintain appearance, which is what most homebuyers want. Edge along your driveway, walkways and flower beds to make your place look meticulous. Potential buyers know if you’re willing to keep the yard looking nice, the rest of the property will likely be in great condition as well.

8. Install an automatic irrigation system

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your garden is to install an automatic irrigation system. Everyone has good intentions, but watering plants is a time- consuming job. If you go on vacation or travel for your job, finding someone to water your plants can be a daunting task because no one cares for your plants the way you do. And of course, after you’ve spent all that money on your landscape, you don’t want your plants to die. If installing an irrigation system is not in your budget, consider planting drought-tolerant plants that don’t need a lot of water. There are many varieties, and not only will they save you time, they will also cut your water costs.

9. Mulching and weeding

Whether your house is on the market or not, always be conscientious of weeding your beds. An unattended garden can quickly get in disrepair. Fresh mulch in your flower beds is another way to make it look new. The aroma of the fresh mulch will draw attention to the beds. So whether you’re selling or staying, keeping your mulch fresh makes your place look nice.

10. Rejuvenate your dry lawn

Nothing turns potential buyers off worse than brown, ugly patches of grass in your lawn. Reseed your lawn if necessary, and remember that germination tends to be faster in the fall. Also remember, the health of your garden depends on your soil. Just like your body, your soil needs the correct nutrients as well.

The value of your property depends on how well you have maintained both your home and your lawn as a whole. A nice curb appeal will increase your home’s value and will affect the appraisal. At the end of the day, most potential buyers want a place that’s move-in ready and one they don’t have to spend a lot of money on to make it look great.

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