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Winter is Here! A few ideas for handling cooler weather--

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

COOLER TEMPERATURES mean that winter has arrived, and making some changes might help you save some money on your electric bill. These are few suggestions for saving money while you stay warm: 1. Adjust your ceiling fans to run in winter mode. (Clockwise in winter) 2. Clean your vents and radiators and remove any blockages. 3. Check for drafts and make repairs. 4. Replace your furnace filter. Dirty filters make your unit work harder. 5. Block off unused rooms. Smaller spaces are easier to keep warm. 6. Figure out your preferred temperature and stick to it. 7. Pull out and clean all of your blankets and use them in order to keep the temperature lower. 8. Cook at home. Heat from the oven will help warm your home. 9. Switch to heavier curtains to block the cold air.

10. Add additional insulation if needed.

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